endowment_scholarshipThe Dynamic Positioning (DP) Committee of the Marine Technology Society has established an endowment scholarship aimed at assisting and encouraging undergraduate students interested in dynamic positioning. An initial contribution of $50,000 was presented to Jack O’Brian, Texas A&M Foundation at a launch ceremony in the Spring of 2009 attended by Dietmar Deter, Dynamic Positioning Committee Treasurer; Howard Shatto, Dynamic Positioning Committee Chair; Chuck Richards, Dynamic Positioning Committee Vice Chair; and Jack O’Brian, Texas A&M.  Scholarships will be awarded to current academically qualified A&M students nominated by the Texas A&M Foundation and approved by the DP Committee.

Established in 1996, the Dynamic Positioning Committee hosts an annual conference held in Houston each fall. The Conference is internationally recognized as the leading annual professional symposium covering the latest changes, developments and technology pertaining to dynamic positioning. Attracting an International audience of DP professionals, world-class experts present cutting-edge papers on the latest technology and developments associated with Dynamic Positioning, while DP manufacturers and service companies exhibit their products and services.