Call for Papers

call-for-papers-cover_1000An official Call for Papers for 2018 was issued in February. Click here to view brochure

The deadline to submit abstracts for DP 2018 is April 27, 2018.

Please include full contact information.

Scroll down for instructions on submitting an abstract – or Click here to submit online. (Preferred)

Click here to view the Call for Papers brochure.

Likely categories of topics that will be considered are shown below

DP Design and Control

  • DP/ICS Alarm Handling
  • Improvements in DP Desk Design
  • Future Technology Trends

Operations and Procedures

  • Activity Specific Operating  Guidelines
  • Data Analytics for DP Operations
  • Experience with use of MTS TECHOPS
  • Shallow Water DP Operations
  • Flag State and IMO Regulations

Power Plant Management

  • Blackout Recovery
  • Power Management Design
  • Power Plant Modeling
  • Open versus Closed Bus
Reliability, Risk and Regulations

  • Cybersecurity
  • DP Incidents- Lessons Learned
  • DP Vessels
  • Reliability Assessment Tools
  • Software – Management and Testing


  • Advances in GNSS
  • Integrity Monitoring
  • Inertial Sensors
  • Sensor Processing

Simultaneous Operations

  • FPSO and Production
  • Management Strategies
  • Multi-vessel Operations


  • AI and Autonomous Vessels/Robotics
  • Smart Sensiors

  • Design
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Thruster Hydrodynamics
  • Adjustable Thruster Pitch Assurance

Training/Competency Assurance

  • DP Simulator Design
  • Simulators in Training and in
    Competency Assurance
  • Verification of Knowledge & Ability
  • Instructor Requirements
  • Competency of DP Professionals other than DPOs


  • DP Supply/OSVs/Construction
  • Drilling, MODUs Improvements in design
    of DP-equipped vessels



If you have a different topic which you feel would be of technical or operational interest to the industry, please submit if for consideration. Papers presented at the Conference will be distributed to attendees either on CD or through the Internet. Registration is complimentary for participants selected to present papers at the Conference. In addition, presenters and their company affiliations will be recognized at the Conference, in the printed programs, and on the web site.

Panel Discussion

The Committee will also consider possible topics and proposed panelists for a panel discussion.

Submitting an Abstract

Click here to submit an abstract online Abstracts, submitted in Microsoft Word format, should include:

  • The title of the presentation.
  • The author’s name.
  • The author’s company.
  • Contact information (telephone; fax; email).
  • A short abstract of about 200 words.

Or click here for a user friendly form that can be printed as a pdf file and emailed to