Learning from Incidents



The sub-committee has received, and expects to receive additional anonymized reports of DP Incidents. The sub-committee will publish such reports once it has reviewed them and considers that they provide useful information to industry. The sub-committee will work with the authors of any submitted documents to provide useful information. The intent is to share experience that helps others check their vessel to confirm it is not vulnerable to incidents like those reported, thereby promoting achievement of incident free DP operations.


Reports will be posted on the website under “Learning from Incidents”, listed serially as received per year.


The committee depends on receiving information from vessel owners who voluntarily submit anonymized DP Incident reports. The documents received are reviewed for clarity of root cause(s) and for suitable actions for other vessels to check.

Committee Chair

Carl Annessa, Hornbeck Offshore

Committee Members

To be Determined


In case of suggestions, interest in volunteering, or other interest in the subcommittee please respond through the Sub Committee feedback link.