Equipment Testing


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The sub-committee will develop and keep current a set of guidelines on testing of DP systems that will help illuminate the many issues to be considered in thorough testing of DP systems. This sharing of knowledge is expected to help improve the reliability and performance of DP vessels.

Committee Chair

Chad Fuhrmann, Maritime Assurance and Consulting (MAC)

Committee members



This will be a comprehensive document that includes available industry experience. It is recognized and intended that test designers select items from the guidelines to compile a suitable test plan for their particular vessel’s equipment suite and vessel application.
The guideline will contain sections with information about

  • System design, specification, and FAT
  • Commissioning and initial testing
  • Routine and non routine testing during working life


It is a fundamental issue that the guidelines will be updated and that they will be available on the DP Committee website for use by interested parties. Updates will include changes to reflect

  • Information learned about DP Incidents
  • Technology changes
  • Class, regulatory and industry standards
  • Information volunteered to the sub committee that would improve competence of testing


In case of suggestions, interest in volunteering, or other interest in the subcommittee please respond by clicking here to link to our feedback form.