You may download any of the DP Vessel Design Philosophy Guidelines listed below at no charge:

  • DP Vessel Design Part 1 PDF
    Part 1 is a management guide that discusses design themes and why each theme is important. The guidance provided in this document is intended to aid in the design of a fault tolerant, fault resistant DP vessel that achieves high operational uptime. It may be applied to any class of DP vessel. DP Class notation is governed by Class Rules which cover DP equipment and address redundancy requirements. However, Class DP notation rules do not address the industrial mission of the vessel nor the overall performance and operational capability. Consequently vessels designed to obtain a DP Class Notation alone may not achieve the post worst case failure capability that could potentially be achieved by establishing and adopting philosophies that minimize loss of positioning capability after failure and that enhance reliability. Incorporating the guidance provided in this document during design should result in a vessel with enhanced capability to perform its industrial function and which meets Class Rules for the desired DP Class Notation. (Revised October 7, 2011)
  • DP Vessel Design Part 2 PDF
    Part 2 contains Part 1 and additional information on how to address the design themes, and provides anecdotal examples. (Revised September 26, 2012)

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